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We ??boomers? are constantly ??redefining? and ??reinventing? our ?lifestyle?. As we juggle hectic schedules, push through milestones, celebrate achievements and success and cope with sorrows and losses…also dealing with our own changes in our own bodies,. We are also embracing a ??laughterlifestyle?. Life becomes challenging as an older adult.. We face losses and and age related illnesses .This can lead to isolation and depression. We can learn to integrate laughter yoga exhilarating cardio vascular health perks and give ourselves permission to laugh in the face of adversity.

You can check your stress and leave your egos at the door! My Laughter Wellness workout is created everybody!

As your perception changes here-we learn to de-stress our mess..build self -esteem, compassion,relax, ease depression and anxiety,enhance creativity,connect and have fun along the way. Additonally,we get to strut down our red carpet at the end of the class...to celebrate our inner sexy. This is our RAZZLE DAZZLE TA DA moment.

This moment is about self empowerment and compassion,where we all shine and sparkle..from the heart! A place which returns us to our designated JOYFUL state!

LET'S.. LET GO...and awaken our SENSEational...all in a playful and supportive environment