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Sue Ansari, A ProfileSue Ansari RN is grounded firmly in the belief of mind, body and spirit medicine which she has for years combined with traditional medicine practices. In addition to being a Laughter Yoga teacher, Sue is also a certified lymphatic therapist, Cancer Guide, a raw food chef and instructor, a Circle of Life Wellness Coach, a guided imagery therapist, as well as a certified holistic nutritional counselor. Laughter is seamlessly woven into all modalities. For many years, she owned and operated an elderly care facility where she implemented daily laughter with not only residents, but with staff and family members as well. More recently, she worked with laughter and movement at Gilda’s Club, both in Grand Rapids and Royal Oak, MI.

Sue has presented Laughter Yoga for countless organizations and has certified Laughter Yoga leaders coast to coast.

Sue was among the very first Laughter Yoga teachers in the US, training in 2005 with Dr. Kataria in Interlaken, Switzerland. Since then, she has assisted Madan Kataria, MD, founder of Laughter Yoga, at numerous 2-day and 5-day trainings across the US. Dr. Kataria has twice named her a “Laughter Ambassador” for outstanding performance in the field of Laughter Yoga. Presently, she is a part of the international Laughter Yoga team, assisting Dr. Kataria with his work and writing. Locally, she is on a mission to bring more laughter into the ailing city of Detroit, as well as to the medical community.

A cancer survivor herself, Sue is actively engaged in establishing the program, “The Amazing Race for Life and Health”, which will offer 3 and 7-day cancer/wellness retreats locally, as well as globally, incorporating many alternative therapies with Laughter Yoga at its heart.