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Study Shows Laughter Yoga Reduces Depression In Elderly WomenA study conducted sometime ago showed the usefulness of laughter therapy in improving depression symptoms in older adults, especially women. As Laughter Yoga is based on the premise that humor is based in the mind, while laughter is physical, and has its independent benefits based on breathing and muscular movements, it is a definite recommendation for non-invasive therapy with none of the negative side effects that are so common at an older age.

Unrestricted laughter combined with yogic breathing positively affects the overall disposition of a person. While pharmacological help is available, depression is a common problem for adults over 65. Alternative therapies are recommended, as there is a higher danger of side-effects with medicinal intervention among the elderly. Studies have shown beneficial effects of laughter on the different body systems such as muscle relaxation and change in immunological, hormonal, and mental parameters. This study compares the effect of Laughter Yoga to that of exercise therapy on treating depression and improving satisfaction with life among elderly women.

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