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3Skype Laughter Club will be conducting a 24-hour long Laughter Marathon during the coming weekend. It will be flagged off at 00.30 hours on Saturday-Sunday midnight and continue for the next 24 hours. More than a thousand laughter lovers from all over the world are expected to join this laughter festival.
Skype Laughter Club is an online community of laughter lovers from all over the world who connect through laughter. They laugh from the cozy comfort of their homes or even on the move on their cell phones at timings convenient to them.
A crew of experienced skype laughter leaders – Anu, Hanna, Marina, Anton, Sean, Donna, Linda, Radhika, Jagat and Seva - from across the globe will lead the sessions at different timings.
Everyone is aware that laughter is the best medicine but how many of us get a good dose of laughter every day? Would you like to join them for good health, wellness and cheer?
It is great fun to laugh in the joyous company of warm, unknown friends from different time zones who eventually become good friends. You will feel the benefits right after the first session. All the stress and worries have gone. You feel good due to endorphins generated in your body. There’s a lot of oxygen inside to enhance your performance. You are merrier and relaxed.
The procedure for joining the club is very simple. Just add ‘laughterclub’ to your skype contacts once. Then log in to skype 10-15 minutes before laughter session timings whenever you wish to laugh. Those whose status is ‘online’ get an invitation from the laughter club 10 minutes prior to the session. If you respond to it, you get a call full of laughter at the stipulated time. You can also chip in with your giggles. It becomes more and more mirthful as the session progresses. A session lasts for around ten to fifteen minutes usually but may be extended if the laughter is vibrant and laughers willing to continue.

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Skype Laughter Leader
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