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Spontaneous Laughter and I need your help.
Carolyn Nicholson, Australia

I have an idea, and I would like some feedback. We already have World Laughter Day, but I would like to plan a seemingly Spontaneous Laughter event, with as many people all over the world doing it at the same time, on at least on the same day.

I can see it right now, we tell only the media ahead of time, so it can be recorded or we do not tell them and record it ourselves.?? (feedback please), we need at least ten people to meet at a certain time at a pre planned very busy area and just begin laughing,no normal Laughter Yoga exercises, no pointing, no explanation, if someone comes and asks 'whats going on?', just shrugged shoulders and more laughter. I believe this would be proof of how laughter is contagious, we could plan a certain amount of time to be on that spot, then simply stop laughing and then walk away and then move to another spot around another block...and start again.......I think we could do it at least twice or maybe even three time with lots of breaks.. I dont think we would even wear T Shirt with Laughter on it, just plain clothes, it would seem more spontaneous that way.....Feedback????

Just imagine how much Joy we would pass on to onlookers and complete strangers.....

Is there anyone interested in doing it with me or being the organiser in your area and your country or State.....if you are in Melbourne, call me 0413821636....if overseas or intersate pls contact me laughtercaz@yahoo.com.au
Im excited, are you???? feedback????
Giggles in a day keep the worries and wrinkles at bay, Ho HO HA Ha Ha
Larfter Lady
Carolyn Nicholson
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