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It is very hard to give a simple definition of spirituality.

I have been struggling to understand spirituality all my life and to find a simple way to describe it. Recently I was thinking about how the Internet has changed our lives and this parallel came to me:

The entire universe is an intelligent creation - the way it works is in itself a miracle. Consider for example the human body: an egg and a sperm unite and develop into a complex being with many organ systems working together in perfect harmony.

Our heart beats non-stop from birth till death; we breath non-stop; the way our digestion, metabolism, mind, muscles and organs work with thousands of hormones and enzyme-systems all cooperating in perfect automation is complex beyond the scope of imagination.

There are endless species of animals and plants, of planets and galaxies, all working together in perfect complex harmony and amazing unity. The universe is infinite and unlimited. This order and direction is driven by cosmic intelligence or higher mind or simply, God.

How do I see the Internet connection?

Our human mind can be compared to a personal computer with limited knowledge, intelligence and capability. We are not even able to understand the complexities of our own mind, emotions, desires and our relationships with fellow human beings. To live a spiritual life is beyond the comprehension of our human intelligence.

By plugging that same computer into the Internet, it connects and gains access to a higher, comparatively unlimited knowledge and intelligence.

If we as humans ‘log on' and connect to the higher mind or cosmic intelligence, we gain access to higher knowledge and intelligence. This process of logging on to higher intelligence is known as spirituality.

To log on we need a password. Each person must find his own password. For some it is meditation. For others it may be abiding by spiritual laws and inculcating spiritual values. It can be done in a religious way or a non-religious way.

Each one of us has the ability to log on to the higher intelligence and has a right to use the unlimited potential available there.

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