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Everyone has needs and wants, and we are all striving to lead happy and fulfilling lives. We do what we can to achieve our goals, but sometimes even our best efforts are not enough. The brain is a powerful and impressive force, but it is also vulnerable and limited, and cannot solve every problem. This is when connecting to a higher power or spirituality can be helpful.We are born spiritual beings, part of the super-intelligent system of the universe-call it God, call it nature, or call it whatever you like. Unfortunately, as our thinking brain develops, we start identifying with the Self-our individual and limited intelligence. We disconnect from the higher mind, and our human mind takes over. We start believing that we are the doers. When faced with problems, we react and suffer the consequences instead of relying on the universe to take its course. It is said, "We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience."

Spirituality is different from religion. Living spiritually has nothing to do with dogmas or fulfilling conditions. Spirituality is about faith in the self. It is about living in harmony with the world. It aids in generating new ideas, finding inspiration, and getting motivated. And spirituality is available to all of us.

Often, people wait until they are forty or fifty to explore the idea of ‘Something Greater'. People turn to spirituality only in adverse times. Probably when they are sick, or someone is dying or when they feel they have tried everything else. In fact, some never even try connecting with spirituality. They feel it is not for them, as getting spiritual means to meditate every day. The process of cultivating spirituality is time consuming and takes many years. But, achieving a state of spirituality is not impossible.

You need not meditate for years to become spiritual and it is not only for few special people. Spirituality is available to all and can be accessed anytime. Spirituality is like source of electric power supply (ages and110 0r 230 volts) which is same for all types of light bulbs. We human beings are like different kinds of bulbs, with different shapes and watt colors, but the source of the electrical power is the same for every bulb. In the same way, we are all powered by the same divine energy.

The amount of power we get from spiritual forces depends upon our efforts, capabilities, and intentions. If a person's intentions are selfish (I, my, me) it is called having "lower tendencies," and the forces of nature will not provide as much power. Conversely, if the person's intention is for one and all, it is call having a "higher purpose," and nature will provide unlimited energy.

We all have the potential to draw as much power and energy from spirituality as we want. All we need to do is understand how to be spiritual.

According to my understanding and experience there are two ways to be spiritual.

To raise the level of consciousness through meditation and religious practices.
To serve the universe and feel the oneness with all human beings, animals, plants and its creation, be it living or non living. This path seems to be simpler and easy to practice.
In order to feel the oneness with the higher mind we need following:

Transcending the Mind: The biggest hurdle to spirituality is our mind, which constantly judges and reacts. We need to understand how it works and how to transcend and connect with the larger mind.

Understand Spiritual laws: There are certain spiritual laws which govern our lives and we need to understand them and align ourselves to these laws. Some of these laws are- Law of Giving, Law of karma (Effort) and many others which we will discuss in our forthcoming articles.

Living Spiritual values: There are some time tested higher values that can help us connect to the higher power like Truth, unconditional love, compassion, generosity. We will find easy ways to cultivate them.

Laughter Yoga is a non-religious path of simple spirituality. We do not believe in putting people in boxes or requiring people to fulfill any conditions.

I am not a highly spiritual person. I do believe in religion but am not deeply religious or ritualistic. But, I have had several spiritual experiences that changed my life. I feel it is spirituality that helped me to spread the laughter movement world wide without any marketing and business experience.

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