Spiritual Retreat and Laughter Yoga Summit in USA (NY) – Aug. 10-14, 2016

We all want to be happy and do not want any pain or suffering. We have different needs and desires, which if unfulfilled, lead to stress, frustration and helplessness. Spiritual practices help us cope and face these problems with equanimity. We can take the ups and downs of life in our stride and no longer yo-yo between extremes peaks of happiness and depths of despair.

Spirituality is all about working smart; not working hard. It is about getting maximum results with minimum efforts. All one has to do, is to align oneself with spiritual laws and laws of nature and let these forces glide you to happiness, as everything in nature works with effortless ease.

Spirituality helps to create new ideas, new visions, creativity, and intuitive abilities to reach our aspirations. It helps build a magnetic aura around you that attracts people towards you. It creates an energy that gives a sense of security, power and fearlessness.

Why Silence With Laughter

sr-drk-1Laughter deepens your silence and silence deepens your laughter. Unconditional laughter that follows silence is very deep and intense. It helps to transcend your conscious and judging mind and unfold the layers of your subconscious mind which helps you to get in touch with your true inner self.

Silence meditation also helps you understand what is going on with your life. At the deepest level you will get new insights, creative ideas and what you can do with them. It enables you to know more about your personality, behavior and belief systems, thereby ensuring a much deeper and real assessment of one’s nature and disposition.

5 Principles Of Inner Spirit Of Laughter: Dr. Kataria’s personal stories, based on his belief systems of sensible andsr-3 virtuous living will hopefully motivate and inspire you to cultivate a more positive mental attitude, and will enable you to glide through the challenges of life with a smile on your face.

5 Spiritual Laws: Whether we know it or not, every aspect of our life is influenced by certain universal principles. You may call them spiritual laws or universal laws. These will help the logical mind to accept what’s not working and why we face problems in life which are incomprehensible and make us upset and angry. What cannot be explained logically can be understood by these spiritual principles. If we align ourselves to these principles, one can experience moments of happiness, peace, harmony and unlimited potentiality.

5 Rooms Of Work – Life Balance: Based on age old Indian wisdom, our life is like a house with five rooms: 1. Self 2. Family 3. Work 4. Social 5. Spiritual

If we want our house to be clean or our life to be balanced we need to clean all the rooms and take care of all the areas of life. Most people are focused on their work, leaving other areas of life unattended. This creates an imbalance. During this retreat, you will observe silence, contemplate and take an inventory of these five rooms.

What You Will Learn

  • How To Meditate: Dr. Kataria will teach you how to meditate in a simple way and you will learn different types of dynamic and still meditations. Meditation provides effective stress management; improves perception and memory, controls addictions and cultivates positive health habits.
  • Focus & Concentration: You will learn to focus and direct your mental attention and energy towards a specific area in your life, which will result in tremendous personal power, yielding unlimited growth potential.
  • Mindful Awareness: During the retreat, you will learn to observe your breath which will bring you into the present. Placing awareness on your breath will allow you to become one with the moment, as you can truly experience the beauty of life as it exists.
  • Emotional Intelligence: Spirituality and Laughter Yoga foster a feeling of physical well being, enhance the spirit and touch the emotional core of people. They both help to develop an emotional balance which enables people to understand their own emotions as well as those of others.

3 Day Spiritual Retreat Agenda

Laughter Yoga Summit
New Opportunities And Challenges With Laughter Yoga

The awareness and acceptance of Laughter Yoga worldwide has increased exponentially and it is fast becoming one of the leading wellness programs. This has opened up new opportunities to develop Laughter Yoga in different areas of application.

This summit is about learning new knowledge and skills about Laughter Yoga methods. Here are some highlights:

  1. We will present and create 100 new laughter exercises together.
  2. Creating singing, dancing and laughing exercises which will add value to Laughter Yoga sessions and make them more interesting and dynamic.
  3. New fun games for your Laughter Yoga seminars and workshops.
  4. Social Laughter Clubs – How to make it a success.
  5. New techniques for laughing with school children.
  6. Laughter Yoga in business and business opportunities with Laughter Yoga.
  7. Laughter Yoga with seniors – brain gym exercises.

Agenda for Laughter Yoga Summit

About Venue

Stony Point Center is located about an hour north of NYC. It is not a hotel, but a beautiful idyllic spiritual retreat centre with all basic amenities including WiFi and ample parking. For more details about location and travel options please have a look at website http://stonypointcenter.org/

Stony Point Center
17 Cricketown Road
Stony Point, NY 10980-3299
T 845-786-5674 ext. 101
F 845-786-5919


3 days Spiritual Retreat: 395 USD (Senior discount: 100 USD (63 yrs+)

Laughter Summit: 195 USD

Discount bundle : $50 off for attendance in both events and prepayment in advance.

Accommodations at Stony Point per day / per person*

Gilmor Sloane House: Double occupancy with private bathroom, includes 3 meals

3 Nights Package: August 9th, 10th, 11th (Tue -Wed -Thu) @ 125USD per night
2 Nights Package: August 12th & 13th (Fri – Sat) 142.50 USD per night

Lodges*: Simple accommodation with common bathroom, includes 3 meals

3 Nights Package: August 9th, 10th, 11th (Tue -Wed -Thu) @ 95USD per night
2 Nights Package: August 12th & 13th (Fri – Sat) 110 USD per night

* The facility will accommodate requests for single room non-sharing accommodation at a surcharge of $30 per night per person.

For Non Residents and daily commuters: 40 USD per person / per day which includes breakfast & lunch. Dinner requests can be accommodated @ $15 with prior notice of 5 days to the Stony Point Center.

To book the accommodation and register click here: http://stonypointcenter.org/laughter

IMPORTANT: For payment please visit the payment portal http://stonypointcenter.org/laughter and should you have any queries re: accommodation type please address either at the reception of the Stony Point Center or email mk@laughteryoga.org