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Laughter Exercises which are Especially Spiritual
(the humble opinion of Jeffrey Briar)


I suggest these because they promote spiritual values such as: Compassion, Forgiveness, Kindness and Gratitude; and they can give us physically-embodied experiences of:  letting go of fear, unconditional acceptance (both granted and received), creating our reality, enjoying nature, enjoying having a body but being able to detach from it, etc.
Aches and Pains
Angel Wash (Laughter Gauntlet)
Create the Universe  (aka Be Like God Laughter)
Crying Laughter (and Boo Hoo, Ha Ha)
Die Laughing (1a and b. Die; 2a. Await Rebirth/ 2b. Anticipating new souls to be born; 3a. Being Born enjoying having a body/ 3b Applauding - well done, incarnates!)

Forgiveness (coupled with Naughty-Naughty)
Gibberish Punchlines (click to see video)
Give Yourself a Hand / Slap Yourself Silly -> Electric Shock
Hearty to Another (Open-Hearted Laughter)
Let Your Light Shine (following Shy Laughter; or works well following Taking  a Shower Laughter)

Namaste Greeting
Salutation to the Fun
Sunrise - Sunset