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Smiles and Laughter in Movies
Carolyn Nicholson, Australia
Wednesday, 24 April 2013 16:12:28
Eat Love and Pray, what a Fantastic movie, I am told it is not as good as the book, so it seems like I have to read the book as well. In the movie, the lady is told to meditate with a big smile on her face and to imagine and believe that her liver is smiling, in my trainings I take the people through a Smile meditation that I learned from Robert Holden a Happiness Professor. I was 'so happy' to see it in a true story on film. It also reminded me to do my own meditation with a big smile on my face, so I began that today, I also got my liver and heart to smile, and Wow , how good that felt today.
I also want to inform you that there is a Movie coming out called Belladonna, an Australian movie, filmed in Russia and Australia, in this movie there is a Laughter Yoga Session, I was in that session, Im not sure 'how much' of me is in the movie ( He He He) but it was Great fun,we all also did a Laugh that I made up, the donkey laugh, He Haw... He Haw I am attending the Movie Premiere with entertainment and Champagne (Yum), everyone who had anything to do with the Movie will be there.
Laughter Yoga is spreading in the World more and more, and with it our Love and Joy. We are all blessed to be part of it all, so Ho Ho a a Ha of to the Movies I go.
Love hugs smiles and giggles to you all,