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“Smile. It’s good for business”…31st July 2010
Just a few weeks ago I found an article in the business section of The Australian newspaper with this headline to it. Needless to say it caught my attention as my focus with Laughter Yoga is to the business world. It talked about Positive Psychology as a wise investment, and then goes on to talk about how the CEO of this national organization sees the value of humor in the workplacen

What do people really want from what you have to offer
I heard a speaker recently talking about satisfying people’s needs and wants. He really had our attention when he said “I’ll now tell you exactly what everyone needs and wants to be totally satisfied”…there was a pause as we grabbed a pen and paper and then he said…”it depends”. The point he was making was that we are all different yet we try to provide the same thing for everyone. For this reason we need to really understand exactly what people want to hearn

What are the words to use to give them that information
I have found that business in particular responds to “key words”. For this reason I will talk about my Laughter Yoga presentations and programs as Positive Psychology, Stress Management, Workplace Wellness, Work Life Balance, Emotional Resilience, Productive People to name a few, depending on exactly what the client wants to hear. The same is for people who attend Laughter Clubs. They just want to get together and “Laugh for no Reason”…or do they??? The folks I have talked to at my presentations have said that they loved the meditation, the loss of control, the bonding with others, seeing people play like children, the physical contact, being silly, or going beyond their comfort level to once again name just a fewn

How do you deliver that message
It’s important then that we cater to everyone’s needs and wants and have an element of everything to please everyone. It’s a very well known saying that you can’t please everyone all of the time. That’s true but you can certainly try. For that reason when I’m about to do a session I ask the person organizing it “what exactly do you want the people to take away from this session?” It’s amazing the amount of times they respond with “that’s a very good question which I hadn’t really thought that much about?” Once they have and they tell you what it is all you have to do is make sure that happens. You’ll find you’ll never have a bad sessionn

How do you know if it’s working or not
Talking to the folks at the end and asking them how they feel is vital. This can be done verbally at the time, in written formal feedback forms, or a follow up call to the organizer. The important thing is to never assume that just because you had a good time means that they did. Responding to this feedback ensures that you get more opportunities, that people coming back to your Laughter Clubs, and even more importantly refer you to others or bring their friends alongn