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Skype laughter club gaining popularityDo you want to add more laughter to your life but can’t find time to join a laughter club?

No problem. Now, you can laugh from the cozy comfort of your home or even on the move on your cellphone.

Skype Laughter Club is an online community of laughter lovers from all over the world who connect through laughter. It was started by Anu and Ines fromFinlanda few years ago.

With the addition of new laughter sessions, Skype laughter club is gaining popularity. More and more new laughter lovers have been joining the laughter sessions in the recent times.

The Skype laughter community is growing at a fast pace due to the unrelenting efforts of Dr Madan Kataria, the founder of laughter clubs. He is really passionate about Skype laughs and has been instrumental in adding new session timings.

Laughter professors from theLaughterYogaUniversity,Bangalorehave recently started conducting 3 sessions every week-day under his guidance.

Skype laughter club is now an integral part of all laughter yoga trainings. Every new leader/teacher has a tryst with skype laughs during his/ her training.

It is very simple to join Skype Laughter Club and laugh with laughter lovers from across the globe at a time convenient to you:

  • Download ‘Skype’ if you are not using it already.
  • Add “laughterclub” to your contacts.
  • Just hang around a few minutes before a laughter session is scheduled to begin.
  • Send a message (IM) to “laughterclub” saying “I’m in.
  • You will soon receive a call full of laughter.

It’s pure laughter, nothing else. We simply laugh for 10-20 minutes and the feel good effect lingers for hours.

Skype Laughter Club presently has sessions at the following timings on different days of the week:
2 am GMT (Jagat and Radhika) Mon-Sat
3 am GMT (Jagat and Radhika) Sun
5 am GMT (LY University) Mon-Sat
12 pm GMT (LY University) Mon-Sat
9 am GMT (Anu, Jane, Muriel) Mon- Fri
6 pm GMT (Sophie) Mon
6 pm GMT (Corinne) Thu
7 pm GMT (Seva) M-F. 6pm GMT (Seva) Sat-Sun.
+ extra ones!!!
Join us soon! You are going to love the experience!!

Website: http://skypelaughterclub.org
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/skypelaughterclub