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Skype Laughter Club

Skype Laughter ClubLaughter Clubs are really going places. First, it was the Phone Laughter clubs and now Skype Laughter Clubs on the internet. You can just call on Skype and laugh with your ‘laughter buddies’. A very creative and inspiring idea, it took off when a Finnish author writing a book on the use of social media on the internet got interested in the idea of Skype Laughter.

Following the initiative, the first Laughter session included the Laughter Yoga founder; Dr. Madan Kataria together with Ines from Austria, Anu and Michelle. They had a blast and decided to continue to their laughter meeting on Skype.

So now every Sunday at 10 am GMT there will a 10 minute laughter session on Skype. Anyone is welcome to join the club, chat and become a part of the Laughter Yoga family worldwide.

How to sign in to Skype Laughter Club

Send e-mail to online.laughterclub@gmail.com.

Join the group on Face book


Anu Saari


040 5508 179


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