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2As being the General Laughter Yoga Leader of Taiwan I am so proud and lucky to have some great leaders who run their laughter clubs so well that many people keep joining them.

Their clubs have more members even than mine. Before I tell you why they succeed I should reveal one interesting thing I found in comman between them. The apparent fact is that they all had been suffering from depression. So I encouraged them to organize their own laughter club to keep their health after they got recovery through doing Laughter yoga daily. As soom as they founded their own club they run it like thier another big business very diligently and seriously. For example they always not only start their laughter exercise on time every day but also arrive the places of club( usually in a park) very early for dispatching the fly sheets of club to many morning walkers. Their minds are in "Doing Mode" to get something done perfectly which caused their depression in past.So they still felt depressed sometimes even the club runring well .

Recently I finally understand they do not really understand the spirit of "Laughing for No Reason" though they can lead the laughter exercises very well. If someone really understand the spirit of LY he should be more aware of the "Oneness" from trees, flowers,animals and every thing in the nature without having a special "cool" stroke like Dr.Jill B. Taylor had in her brain. Their sensations should be upgraded to let them feel it. But they apparently doesn't. So I start to encouge them to learn gardening besides doing LY exercises. I ask them to oberserve the growing and changing of a plant or flower every day after their loving care and learn to talk and make good friend with the plant .
Here is an example . LY Leader Yuan-tou had been suffered from insomnia and depression for many years after retired. When he could not get any better from medicine his wife suggested him why not try to join laughter club because she read some report from medias. Laughter yoga has totally changed his life after he kept joining us every day for 2 months. Now he is a well-trained leader by Dr.Kataria and me in 2008, owns his daily LY club with the largest numbers of all clubs in my county after the training . Since he is successful in leading laughter exercises I suggested him to go further : learn to meditate at least one hour a day besides the LY exercise and I think this will improve his "awareness" very much. He not only followed my suggestion but meditate more "hard"--he meditates for one hour a time and 3 times a day. But his depressin and insomnia still come again in this winter. I was wondering why. Finally I got the answer from my daily gardening job after my one-hour meditation in the morning. Yes This is what he "missed". So I asked him :"Did u ever garden any plants or flowers before?" He answered quickly "No!" I asked another question :"Do u ever enjoy the nature when you go hiking?" He also answered without any hesitaion:"Not at all. I did it only for my health ". So I encouged him to garden some plants in his house and to learn shifting his mind from Doing Mode to Being Mode.

I also remind him Dr.Kataria's teaching when he visited Taiwan in 2008: " We should laugh for no reason like the Sun shining us and the trees giving us oxygen for no reason." Now he is very happy to prepare a brand new garden in the roof of his house where he was very seldom to go there in the past few years.

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Yuan-Tou : "I am very happy John gave me the wonderful 'home work' which I never try to do before."