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The Dream Parade is a joyable event organized in the cool autumn every year in Taipei . Since the organizer knew very well about the story of Mingo and his laughter club which is always bring much fun and laughter to the crowd we are heartily invited every year. I totally support it and encourage our members to participate it as a funny and joyful clown because of Dr.Kataria’s theory of silliness which is a good method to liberate our mind and make a great giggle. I also told my laughing friends that it’s a test of how confident you can be and what much you have learned from your routine laughter exercise. So this year we had nearly 50 people joined this event. Most of them was the seniors of “grand-pa” and “grand-mom” with strong determination to walk for 2 hours. Though they got pretty tired at the end but also felt exciting for their achievement , playing a clown on the street ,

which they never done before.