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Retired Physician, Dr. Leslie, Teaches Laughter YogaDr. Howard Leslie, FL, USA: Laughter Yoga for Health, Joy & World Peace. Dr. Howard Leslie, Age 93, is a living example that retirement can be purposeful. He currently is the eldest Certified Laughter Yoga Leader. He became a Laughter Yoga Leader as a way to be a loving support to his wife Gladys, who has Alzheimer's disease. He also is doing Laughter Yoga to receive his own health benefits and to give back to his community.

Dr. Leslie is showcased in the following news story: May 15, 2011  " Laughter Yoga classes have physical, mental benefits "  reported by Francesca Donlan of News-Press.com.

Dr. Leslie wanted to help his wife Gladys of  69 years, who has Alzheimer's disease. The article reports that he learned that Alzheimer's patients responded best to affection, touch and approval, which Laughter Yoga offered all three.

In the article, Dr. Leslie is quoted (referring to Laughter Yoga)

"If you could get a pill that boosts circulation, reduces stress, increases brain function, reduces blood pressure and promotes relaxation would you buy it?" he asked the class.

"Yes," the class shouted and then he helped everyone in the 30-minute class let loose and laugh.

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