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It had been a busy day visiting patients, consulting with family members, and attending discharge meetings. The day in the life of a Chaplain at a major cancer research hospital like M.D. Anderson Cancer Center is rarely dull, believe me. It was the middle of the afternoon and I was on my way to an educational meeting. I was on the eleventh floor where the Senior Administrative Offices are, far away from the clinic and the hustle bustle of patient care. As I walked to the meeting location, I was about to pass by a female employee when she spoke to me. She says, “Hello Chaplain, you may not remember me, but you came to my department two weeks to lead a Laughter Yoga Session.” As she surmised, I did not recognize her. When she told me what department she worked in, I remembered that it had been a large group of people, about fifty or so. She says, “I want to thank you for what you did during our Laughter Yoga Session.” I reply, “What exactly did I do?” She says, “During the Laughter Meditation when you led us through the guided imagery exercise, I found myself going back to my childhood.” She continues, “I was back in grade school and I remembered how sometimes I would ‘fake being sick’ to get a pass to go to the Nurse’s office to get out of class.” “One day I remembered going to the Nurse’s office and for some reason, she had deduced that I was “faking being sick” to get out of school work.” “The Nurse said to me, there’s nothing the matter with you. You’re not sick, if you knew what your purpose in life was, you would not keep “faking being sick” to get out of the classroom.” “Chaplain, what she said to me was the truth and because of that, I started to really focus on my purpose in life.” “Well, during the guided imagery exercise, I went back to that day in my life and it helped me to remember again what my purpose and I just wanted to thank you.” She went her way and I continued on to my meeting. Along the way I was filled with awe and wonder about the power of Laughter Yoga. And so, I ask you, “Do you need some remembering of your purpose? “Go find a Laughter Yoga Session and perhaps, you’ll laugh you way back to your purpose.”

Stephen Findley USA