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beth_bongar_3I’m the “Laughing Diva” – so of course, if you spend time near me, you’ll hear me encourage you to seek out The Happiness Workout and reap the  benefits in less than fifteen minutes a day that my workout gives you.  laughter. yoga and positive thinking change one's life!

Laughter yoga (called “hasyayoga” in Sanskrit) combines breathing exercises with the “practice” of laughter to rejuvenate the body with oxygen and positive energy. Rejuvenation is exactly what stressed out New Yorkers need.Living with less stress would naturally contribute to a long-life – it is  about how laughter can work from the outside in – when smiling facial expressions of happiness and joy take over the body, the biochemistry changes.

Laughter has a huge role to play in protecting heart health by reducing stress and blood pressure. Studies abound, and everyone knows that they feel positive, present and relaxed when they laugh. Endorphins rush through the body, oxygen levels increase in the blood, and energy picks up. It shifts the mood, and breaks open the spirit so the river of joy can flow.

I often speak about tapping into your own “deep well of joy” in my workshops. That’s what laughter does – it helps people overcome worry and anxiety, sadness and grief, and increase their daily productivity in their work. It changes the mood and helps us relax and transform ourselves – we laugh “away” stress and negativity, worry and fear, and ground ourselves with our own breath.

Have you tried Laughter Yoga? How do you let laughter into your own life? Tell me more in the comments.

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