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Rapid Spread Of Laughter In UKHere is an interesting report which states how the laughter movement is fast spreading in different fields in Britain. The UK's Laughter Network launched nine years ago has now registered more than triple the members since its establishment. Barclays and consultancy firm Ernst & Young are the companies that have reportedly had their employees sign up for laughter workshop.

Studies have revealed that laughter offers several health benefits. More and more people are now enrolling to Laughter Yoga sessions, festivals, telephone clubs, laughter-fuelled religious services and workshops.

It has been proven that Laughter Yoga is a great exercise for people engaged in various professions as it helps them to release work pressure and stress, generates good hormones that keep the mood state happy, enables them to cope with life’s challenges and have a positive attitude. Regular practice of Laughter Yoga keeps one healthy both mentally and physically.

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Photo Courtesy: Neeraj Shahane