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4You know what I just love to do when I'm driving in heavy traffic? I just love to smile! It's magic! Every time I feel I'm starting to be upset or impatient, I start to smile.

Simply by doing that, here is what I've noticed:

a) I can't continue to feel upset when I've been smiling for 10 seconds. My brain is NOT capable of letting me feel those emotions when I'm smiling!

b) I can then let the other drivers pass me, cut me or squeeeeeeeeeeeeze in front on me because I feel more open and forgiving.

c) I can even laugh (mind you, it could sound like the "Evil Laughter" to begin with!)... at them most of the times!

d) I start to relax... which is a great side effect don't you agree?

So friends, my two cents to you is: SMILE MORE! The minute you get up in the morning, SMILE! And the minute you start your car, SMILE. And even if you are only smiling, you will feel better, people around you will feel better and you will be more tolerant

towards everything!

... and that's a fact!

Love and laughter

Your HAHA Sister