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Public Speaking Skills For Laughter Yoga Professionals

1. First of all, you must remember and memorize your content, or else you will not be able to express it fully. Your mind will always be searching for words making it difficult to communicate. So, the best way is to memorize and keep repeating the content in your mind before any event.

2. As a speaker, you should have a powerful voice and must speak loudly and clearly. If you speak very fast, people will not be able to comprehend and grasp what you are trying say. Therefore, speak slowly and give them enough time to understand and imbibe.

3. 15% of your speech is communicated through words and language, while 85% through body language which includes eye contact, facial expressions, gestures and body posture. Therefore, do not move about too much as it will not only distract you, but also your listeners.

4. The best speakers in the world are those who can put feelings and emotions into what they say. Each and every word must have some energy which should be transmitted to the listeners.

5. While speaking you must have eye contact with everyone in the group. Do not focus only on few people in the group. Every person should feel that you are speaking to him/her.