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The Joy of Sharing Laughter

The Joy of Sharing Laughter

David Cronin
9 January, 2018

It was a real thrill to be invited to present Laughteryoga at the Positive Psychology and Wellness Conference in my home city recently. My interactive session attracted a full room of willing participants, and we had a ball. After three days of talkfest they were more than ready for fun, play and lashings of laughter.

The spirit of playfulness in adults is strong, and although it may be over-looked and devalued, I believe it is invincible. To me it's the biggest base of a person, and the adult is just the 'icing on the cake'. But more about this in my next blog on the importance of play.

My meticulous preparation for this playshop paid off by empowering participants with new insights and some useful tools. They learned strategies for their own personal wellbeing to take home with them from this international event. http://www.positivepsychologyandwellbeing.com/

One man from Paris was concerned afterwards that he might not be able to continue to get the rewarding benefits we experienced during our lunch-time session. I reassured him that these techniques are available in groups around the globe, and he would surely find a local one atA www.laughteryoga.org Several people from that session have already contacted me about coming to their workplace.

I am proud that our city now has an organization capable of running this world-class event. http://www.wellbeingandresilience.com/ at SAHMRI, South Australiaa€™s Health & Medical Research Institute. And just as important, they are now busy spreading the message about the essential value of wellness as a core element in our personal, social and cultural lives.

The wonderful thing about the laughteryoga community around the world is the people you connect with, and in Australia we have a pool of strong, supportive Laughers. For example I first met the marvelous Merv Neal at a conference and discovered how he dedicates his life to advancing the movement, mentoring others and organizing many events. I value his friendship immensely. http://www.mervneal.com/

This past year has been very much about teaching the teachers, as I am invited to introduce Laughteryoga to teaching professionals. They are in one of the most demanding jobs, with high stress levels and burnout rates, and they can not only benefit personally from this, but also pass this on to those they teach, both children and adults from primary to tertiary.

Most of all I enjoy meeting each week with my fellow laughers in our local groups. Some have become firm friends, and along with the usual laughs we do, we have the freedom to come up with new laughs. Creating new laughs is my favourite thing to do, and often these appear only within the context of the group dynamic. The trick is to take note of them straight away, so before we go much further I scribble down a key word to remind me. If I forget to do this, we can generally recall the laugh while reviewing them together over coffee afterwards.

Some of these a€˜New Laughsa€™ go on to become regularly used, others dona€™t, but I find it is always worth seeing which may benefit from development and gain traction. Currently my focus is on collecting and introducing new a€˜Song Laughsa€™, so if anyone has any of these they wish to share, please feel free to contact me.