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Laughter Yoga Has Done Wonders For Me!

Vijay SabharwallVijay Sabharwall, India: I joined the JVCC Laughter Club in April 2015, when I was suffering from hipbone & lung cancer and was totally in a wheelchair, unable to stand even. After joining this club I found a drastic change in myself. My health is improving and I have put on weight. I am able to walk with the walker and can even drag my wheelchair to the club. I am able to do Laughter Yoga standing for almost half an hour. I can do my daily work myself and feel totally independent, as I don’t need anybody’s help. I feel my cancer has vanished and my digestion has improved.

My husband after seeing the change in my health continues to encourage me to go to the Laughter club. Everybody is so affectionate; I have no words to express my feelings to all the members. Thanks to Laughter Yoga which is putting life in many who are depressed & left the hope of life.

It has really done wonders for me!