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My Stress Melted Away with laughter Yoga

Usuff Omar My Stress Melted Away with laughter Yoga

I was first exposed to laughter yoga in 2002. I was called up onstage to take part in a laughter club demonstration in Sydney. I didn’t know what to expect. As the laughs proceeded I started to crack up. I kept laughing even whilst the leader was explaining the next laugh. I was still laughing after the demonstration was over. I even followed the demonstrators off stage to keep laughing. I joined a laughter club immediately after that. In 2004 I had an eureka moment when leading a laughter club. I realized laughing for no reason, without jokes, was not just a poor substitute for humor. It was a superior way to laugh. The best way, in fact. I achieved laughter highs that gave me a sense of elation that lasted days. In that state all stresses melted away and nothing worldly bothered me anymore. I have been passionate about learning and exploring this new technology called “laughter yoga” ever since. I am indebted to Dr Madan Kataria for letting the genie out of the bottle. My world will never be the same again.