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Laughter Helped Me Get Over Years Of Depression

Laughter Helped Me Get Over Years Of Depression Tullio Altieri

I met Dr. Kataria in South Africa in 2007, when he trained me to lead Laughter Clubs and laughter classes on a regular basis. This had a profound effect on my life and I gained awareness of my emotional state. I learnt to be more joyful and overcame years of depression and got over being shy and holding back my connection to others.

Just this month I attended the Spiritual Retreat and Teacher Training with Dr Kataria in Bangalore and was completely blown away by the depth and simplicity with which laughter touches people. I discovered a deeper level of Laughter Yoga and saw the benefit of laughing alone every day. My life has changed because I learnt to shift my focus to the positive qualities and possibilities in myself and others. I just know my future will be full of laughter and that I can share it with groups of people wherever I go in almost any setting.