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    Thomas TOPOLANEK, My Personal LY Story

    For many years I am fascinated by the story of HOTEI – a Japanese God of happiness, based on a true story of a monk, who travelled from village to village and was just laughing, laughing, laughing …

    Both – kids and grownups worshiped him a lot.

    Just before he died he told them his last wish: Burn me with the clothes I am wearing. When he passed away and got burned, a firework started because of some explosives he had put in his clothes before. Again everybody laughed.

    The second sign was on a seminar, where the wife of the leader told about a class they took in India about laughter without reason. After she had laughed heartily for several minutes, until tears rolled down my face. I thought:

    Yes, yes, yes I ALSO WANT TO BE ABLE TO DO THIS !

    The ultimate impulse was made by the youngest daughter, who was 8 years at that time. All of my 5 kids spent Christmas with me and we had a great time. When teasing each other I got a laughing fit, where I continuously had to laugh for several minutes.

    When my little daughter said, that she had never seen me laughing like that before, I really got sad and I decided to change and do something for LAUGHTER more active. It was always much easier for me to make others laugh, than laughing just for myself.

    I switched on the computer and searched for Laughteryoga. The next course was in May 2010 in Switzerland, where I became a LY-teacher.

    When I drove home with my car the lyrics to the LY Anthem came to my mind and in autumn 2010 the LY Club in the Wienerwald area / Gablitz got started.


    Co-organizing the 1. Viennese Laughtercompetition and partizipating / organizing several Laughtercompetitions in Germany, Slovenia and Czech Republik. Translater for Dr. Madan Kataria at various events (e.g. LY-Teacher training in Austria or LY congress in Germany).

    In year 2014 I became LY Master Teacher.

    Laughteryoga has helped me through difficult times and changed my life positively in various ways.

    Through Laughteryoga I became a healthier, loving, caring and optimistic person who inspires his environment through his balance, joyfulness and positive attitude.

    I can inspire people and do my share for a better, peaceful and more loving world.

    It has brought me in touch with different cultures, because LY is practiced in more than 72 countries. I am proud and happy to be part of the LY family and LY University.