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Chronic Fatigue and Laughter Yoga

Teresa Verde Chronic Fatigue and Laughter Yoga

Starting around my 40th birthday on March 13th, 1995 (which just happens to be the exact date Dr. Kataria birthed Laughter Yoga), my health began to collapse. I found myself in a place of debilitating chronic fatigue and post-traumatic stress for about 6 years, until I discovered Laughter Clubs.

Almost immediately I began my own Club in the fall of 2001, got trained as a Laughter Leader in the spring of 2002 (forgive me for putting the cart before the horse) and have experienced my health and stamina slowly and steadily improve more and more over the years. When I was too exhausted to lead a Laughter session, I quickly learned to push through and do it anyway. Miraculously, I would become more energized for days after the session.

I am now many years into this beautiful business of laughter. Not only is my health tremendously improved, my entire life has turned around. I have a life partner, more self-confidence, have gone from being an introvert to a public speaker, and have a calling using what has always been my greatest gift – my Laughter.

Teresa Verde, CLYL From Seattle, USA