Project Description

Suman Suneja: I first heard about Laughter Yoga when Dr Madan Kataria visited Dubai in 2002. I felt so relaxed and energetic after his laughter session that I decided to spread the word of laughter and its enormous benefits.

I trained as a laughter professional in 2013, after going through some instability in my business, which affected my health. With Laughter Yoga, I could unwind and distance myself from worrying emotions. I stepped up my laughter activity since it helped me to recover my health and business. I ensure that I laugh daily for at least 10 to 15 minutes in the morning, as it keeps me feeling positive and energised throughout the day.

In order to help others bring more joy into their lives, I conduct regular laughter sessions for corporates, yoga studios, schools, old age homes and other institutions. I feel a sense of gratitude as I see others around me laughing and learning to cope with any challenges of life through laughter and smiles.