Project Description

Laughter Yoga Helped Overcome Feelings Of Inadequacy

Sabina Gerin Laughter Yoga Helped Overcome Feelings Of Inadequacy

When I was growing up there was always a smile on my face, but somewhere as an adult I lost it. Many people noticed I had lost my smile, but as I considered myself a serious person I was convinced that serious people do not laugh. Yet, I felt something was wrong inside me, so I began a journey of awareness. The path that I had undertaken was made of many experiences – mental, physical and emotional. I was always in search of something that would make me be happy and satisfied with myself. My experiences gave me joy, but hardly lasted. This ongoing search led to discovering Laughter Yoga in April 2012.

Doing the laughter leader training was my first experience with Laughter Yoga. After the two wonderful days I started to laugh every day. I felt I could no longer live without laughing and soon started planning how to share this joy with the whole world. First, I organized a dinner with my whole family and shared it with them. Then, I began promoting Laughter Yoga in different places like in schools, libraries, workplaces etc.

I now live every moment of my life in joy, because I feel I am ‘perfectly imperfect’ as others. I no longer worry about my insecurities and fears of being inadequate. I have a dream to fulfill and Laughter Yoga is the ideal path to realize this dream.