Project Description

Gifts Of Laughter

Robin Regele Gifts Of Laughter

About two years ago my doctor asked me to make an outward sound like yodeling and I found I could not. So, after some research on YouTube I chose Laughter Yoga to heal myself as well as to help others. I later joined Michael Coleman to create Laughter Matters, a Laughter Yoga non-profit in San Diego, Ca. In fact, I was the first volunteer leader to graduate and become a volunteer coordinator. I grew, healed and transformed to the degree that I became an inspiration for other volunteer leaders.

Now, I have added my own business Gifts of Laughter with the gifts being people themselves attending groups, or at a community level of supporting the non-profit or the last gift being where I provide laughter for any event and where my heart truly is in providing 1-1 laughter for those who are unable to go to laughter groups. This has made a great difference in my life and others in many different ways.