Project Description

My Laughter Story

rangaRanga: My childhood memories are a mosaic of play, song, storytelling and adventure. I was brought up in Kerala, India, in a joyful and affectionate family. As I grew up, I became adept at making friends and blending in with different people around the world, by using tools I best knew namely, playing, singing and laughing. Throughout my adult years of international travel, study and living in even more varied cultures, I converted my humour and laughter, from survival to solution. Laughter became my greatest connecting tool wherever I went, in personal, social and business moments.

I have studied, practised and taught various forms of fitness and relaxation and embracing Laughter Yoga has added a precious new dimension to my self -journey. Both as an evolved global citizen and as the founder of a free-thinking enterprise in hospitality, I believe in this Mantra: “It’s my life; let me make the most of it, celebrate it!” I believe the playful and laughing child exists within each one of us and I find great joy in letting it erupt every day. This happiness multiplies when I get to bring laughter into the lives of other people.

It’s my wish and objective to devote time and effort towards promoting the universal emotion and expression of dancing, singing, playing and laughing. It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to spread joy and happiness among the young and the old, the abled and the challenged, in schools and corporations, in senior homes and public sectors. Come and join me in my laughter journey… ho ho ha ha ha !