Project Description

The Gift of Unconditional Joy

Rainee: I’ve always been a happy person, even when many things in my world have been painful. Many throughout my life have asked me, “Are you ever down?” Of course, being human, down times are bound to happen. Most of the time, I only talk about those things to choice people, for various reasons, but they’re very much there. Still, I’ve managed to surround myself with people, things and activity that add to my daily joy level.

Sometime in May last year, while browsing the net, looking for the answer to one question: How to live healthy from the inside out? I came across Laughter Yoga. As I watched the various laughter exercises, I realized that this was something can make a difference not only in my life, but also in the lives of others. I found laughter clubs on Skype, which was a perfect way to laugh everyday day with countless people from all walks of life, many who don’t even speak my language.

Doing this led me to discover the concept of unconditional joy. What I learnt is that you can choose to laugh just like you can choose to move, talk or sing. I’ve laughed through happiness, through pain, through worry, through a million different emotions. I remember on a couple occasions crying out some deep emotions during one of these laughter calls, yet the tears only lasted for a short amount of time, and, though the circumstance I was going through didn’t change, I was able to find that place of joy that is not dependent on any variable.

Another benefit of laughing every day, is a connection you develop with people from different cultural and spiritual backgrounds, who share each other’s sorrows and joy. Laughter Yoga is a great way to make positive changes that radiate from our lives, to the lives of those we’re with, to the life of the whole world.