Project Description

Live Life With Laughter!

Pauline Fung Live Life With Laughter!

I lived in Hong Kong and earned my living as executive secretary to expatriates who came from UK, USA, Germany and Singapore. I was paid beautifully. But, the economy ran down and our company was restructured and acquired. Everyone left and I was the last one who witnessed the company to the end. Yet life has to go on. So many days and years I lived in misery until the day I came across Laughter Yoga.

It was in the year 2012 that I became a certified Laughter Yoga teacher and joined a Laughter Club which felt fantastic and amazingly wonderful. Laugher Yoga gave me passion and enthusiasm. There was a vision in my mind, a mission in my heart to see that Laughter Yoga brightens up every person’s life and makes it more joyful and happy.