Project Description

Laughter Yoga Gave Me A Purpose In Life

Pauline Fung Live Life With Laughter!

Raised by my parents as the eldest daughter in the family, I earned my living as executive secretary for expatriates in regional office. It was the best I could do for my living. I got appreciation from my company. Time flew, economy changed and my job was no longer secured with the company acquisition. Everything changed even though I was warned.

The transition led me to realize that I was at the middle age of my life. My only son had grown up and was living away. I started doubting my way of living with the outcome of my passing years of efforts and could not figure what I can do since then. Life became meaningless and stressful. I started to cry for no reason and this lasted for about 10 years. I noticed that I was not the only one but a number of people were more or less the same, even worse than me. I found people very serious and hard to get along with.

In March 2012, my friend Alice invited me to join a Laughter Yoga leader training for 2 days. Without any idea about what it was, I just followed her. I told myself that I would not laugh if they pushed me, but during the training, I was amazed to find participants laughing easily, including me! When I went home, life was the same with no laughter. I called my trainer Dick Yu and asked where I could further join a Laughter Club. A few days later, I was clapping my hands in the morning in a laughter club. I remembered clearly the feeling in my body and the joyfulness in my mind. It had never happened in my life before and I wanted very much to keep it.

Determined to explore more about Laughter Yoga, I joined the committee of World Laughter Day 2012 in Hong Kong, did the certified teacher training and have been involved in setting up more than 10 clubs. I have seen how people have changed and have become more friendly and willing to laugh and share. They are very supportive and love each other without competition. I understand more about myself and others. In fact, I am now ready to spend the rest of my life with Laughter Yoga!

Just this month, I was approved by Dr. Kataria to attend the Master Training, after which I intend to help people seeking emotional support and who find it difficult to cope with life’s challenges. In Hong Kong, there are lots of senior care centers and my objective is to set up a Laughter Club in every single senior care centre for half an hour daily, which will provide a sense of positivity and joyfulness to the elderly and keep them in good health.