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It is a overwhelming experience

Neeraj Agrawal, It is a overwhelming experience

It was an awesome, overwhelming experience attending the 1 hour Laughter Yoga corporate seminar conducted by Dr. Madan Kataria at the MTHR management meet in Mumbai. In fact, by afternoon though drained, I still wondered What Next!

The session was electrifying and energetic and I found that my entire physiology changed within the first 10 minutes. I was charged and the effect stayed for many hours. I now look forward to relieve my work and personal stress with Laughter Yoga.

I also recommend laughter sessions for all corporates as it is the best tool for stress management and team building. If I had gone through this during my corporate days, I would had made this a part of my HR policy and HR manual.

Neeraj Agrawal
National Head Training and Development – Raheja Retail