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Laughter Helps Resolve Problems Easily

 Nat Lui Laughter Helps Resolve Problems Easily

This is the story of how Sike, a retired senior,managed to overcome her Anxiety Disorder by joining the Tung Chung Laughter Club established in 2012 with the local organization at their library in Tung Chung area in Hong Kong. Sike loved laughing since the very first session and actively invited different neighbors to join the Laughter Club. Being diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder, she was under a lot of pressure trying to take care of her grandson for her daughter. She was finding it difficult to discipline the child and teach him to behave. Many times, he was so naughty that Sike had to yell and scold him fiercely, but the bad behavior didn’t stop, and even worse, she was being hit by him. She felt sad and cried often. She started suffering from pain and insomnia, and her blood pressure also became quite high. She needed to take medication to reduce the effect of the Disorder on her daily life. The doctor told her,” You need to laugh more and take it easy, don’t get angry so easily.”

Unfortunately, she knew it was too difficult for her to do this, but through the local community organization in Tung Chung, she joined the Laughter Club. It was after a long time that she laughed out loud during the laughter session. She learnt that dealing with her grandson when he is not behaving well does not mean to scold him; laughing with him can also solve the problem.

She said,” Earlier, when he did not wake up on time, I used to scold at him, and he would fight back. Now, I will do “Argument Laughter” with him on the bed, and play with him, and he gets up by himself. I have learnt how not to be angry when teaching my grandson, and I can even laugh out loud. In fact, a lot of times when he sees me laughing, he too starts laughing and his temper goes down. We laugh together for most of the time… haha!”

Ever since Sike joined the Laughter Club, her sleep became better and the blood pressure back to normal. Most important thing was that the doctor said she does not need to take any more medication!