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I Have the Best Job Ever – A Laughter Trainer!

monika-rothMonika Roth, Laughter Ambassador, Germany: In 2010 I was trained as a Laughter Yoga leader, after which I felt I was overflowing with happiness and soon started my Laughter Club in Abtsteinach, near Heidelberg, where we laugh every Tuesday.

Before Laughter Yoga, I didn´t like to stand in front of a group but gradually, with every passing year I got a little more courage and today, I am very sure and confident of myself. Laughter Yoga has enhanced my creativity and taught me to face any situation with a laugh and a smile. In fact, my husband calls me his “laughter bag” as I help him de-stress after he returns from work and we laugh together.

I feel motivated and inspired to spread the word of laughter and help people get more laughter into their lives. I present Laughter Yoga to different groups like tourists, doctors with their teams, educators, physiotherapists, sports people, company employees, seniors etc. Teaching them Laughter Yoga is a great experience as I can see the difference it makes to their entire wellbeing.

The death of my dog had left me filled with sadness, but thanks to Laughter Yoga, it helped me get past my grief. Though I did not feel like laughing, the Laughter Club members came to comfort me and made me laugh again. And this was very, very good for me. The emotion of sadness transformed into gratitude and happiness.

Laughter Clubs are indeed the best place to connect with people and learn the magic of caring, sharing and laughing together. I truly feel I have the best job in the world as a laughter trainer… hahhaha