Project Description

Laughter Club In Milan Hospital

antonella_mannaHere is an inspirational testimonial of Antonella Manna, a health professional who has opened a Laughter Club at the Sacco Hospital in Milan.

Antonella Manna, health professional: For several months now, I go regularly to the oncology department to bring more laughter into the lives of the patients. One of them is Cesira and I laugh with him during his chemotherapy. We call it the” quickie “of laughter, because usually I have only a few minutes to devote. Then there is Maria, who I do not know, but we still laugh together. In fact, the young oncologist is now accustomed to our “quirks” and explains to the patients that we’re not crazy! In fact, he laughs with us, and goes around his work with a smile even though he knows the helplessness of the situation.

I am infinitely grateful to the Universe for the gift of laughter, for having had the opportunity to create the Laughter Club in the hospital and meet many wonderful people and being able to help them cope with their stress and trauma. Laughter has brought comfort and happiness into the lives of these people, even in the most adverse of times. Such is the magic of laughter! Hahahahaha.