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Awakening to my right to laugh

Matthew Byas Awakening to my right to laugh

The great thing about me is, I am a good observer. Observing has been one of my greatest teachers. The bad thing about me is, I am a good observer. Over time my observing nature and has kept me primarily in my head. I had to intellectually understand something before I could even attempt to apply it. My laughter was calculated and I was stingy with it. I am still 34 years old and I have been fortunate to be as healthy as I am but the suffering experienced from being disconnected from my true nature and from other people was not something I could live with forever. I needed to laugh. No seriously – or not seriously, either way, I needed to laugh. I attended my first laughter yoga class in March 2014. That night I felt a lightness to me that I almost forgot was possible. I had a volleyball match that night and my body felt better than it had in a long time. But even more profound than the physical improvement was the slight shift in my awareness about my competiveness. Did I say “slight shift” I mean huge shift! I was able to laugh a little easier at my mistakes and I was more engaging with the people around me. And this was all in a matter of hours of my first laughter yoga class! It has been about 3 weeks since that first class and now thanks to Dr Kataria I can’t help but laugh every time I get in my car to drive somewhere. Watch just about any video of Dr. Kataria laughing alone or in public to understand that last statement. Truth can be heavy but the easier we laugh the easier it is to speak it and be it. Thank you Dr. Kataria and everyone involved in this profound yet simple and accessible creation. This past weekend I became Leader Certified and I’m excited to bring this transformational knowledge to others! Keep Laughing unconditionally!