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Landed in Laughter Yoga Room By Mistake

Marlene Landed in Laughter Yoga Room By Mistake

A couple of days ago while doing a Laughter Yoga session in an apartment building with a small group of just five members, an 88 year old woman walked into the room by accident thinking it was a lecture meeting. I told her to stay anyway and explained what it was about. She told me she didn’t know if she could laugh because she had shingles on her eye which had spread across to her upper lip and mouth. She had been having difficulty opening her mouth all the way. I told her to try Laughter Yoga as it may be able to help to some extent. I suggested she do the exercises at the level that was comfortable for her. Together we did some exercises and started laughing. I also introduced hohohaha as a mouth exercise.

Ten minutes into it, she started shouting, “My mouth, I can open it! I can move my lip and open my eyelid again which I wasn’t able to do for so long. This is helping me relax all over. I feel a lot better and am so happy I came here by mistake!”

I don’t know if you know much about shingles. I worked as a research nurse for 2 years on the shingles vaccine prevention trial. It can leave some of these elderly people with debilitating pain. They try drugs but nothing works very well. But, now there is Laughter Yoga which becomes like an addiction when you see what it does for people.

Love and Laughter,

Marlene, USA