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amazing story of Marlene

Marlene Landed in Laughter Yoga Room By Mistake

Here is an amazing story of Marlene, a breast cancer survivor, who now runs a laughter club in St. Louis, USA. She feels very gratified as more and more people join her club. Seeing their lives transform through laughter has also changed her attitude and perspective towards life.
Dr. K

I really want to tell you about my Laughter club as it keeps growing and drawing more and more people. It is very rewarding and gratifying to see the lives of these people change.

There is a lovely elderly couple that comes to the club. The husband is suffering from Alzheimer’s and the wife takes good care of him. When she heard about the laughter club, she decided to bring him along as it would give them something to do together. Though most of the time he is confused and cannot keep track with the group, it is wonderful to see his wife help him learn. They both enjoy themselves and look forward to the weekly visits. I really love to see them laugh together; it is quite touching.

Then there is a young family from Argentina who drive almost 45 minutes to come to the club every week. There are two boys, 5 and 7 and a visiting grandmother. She doesn’t speak any English and is about 78. She comes to the club with them, and it is a pleasure to see her interact with the group. The language barrier doesn’t seem to matter-You see Laughter is a universal language, and she is having a wonderful time with us.

I also have two widowed ladies who are breast cancer survivors and a man who has joined recently. He has been unemployed for the last 3 months and has been battling depression. We did ‘No Money Laughter’ followed by ‘Jackpot Laughter, and now he is thrilled to have found our laughter club!

I have also started organizing social outings modeled after the Indian laughter clubs. People love this idea and want to get together more often. In fact, I’ve learnt that those doing only laughter “programs” are missing out on the most beautiful part of Laughter Yoga which is connecting with people, learning to give freely with an open heart and watching how laughter changes and transforms people. I am living proof of the changes myself.

Anyway, I just wanted to share some with you and to tell you how much I appreciate all that Laughter Yoga has and continues to give to me and others.

Very good, very good, YEAH!!!

Love and Laughter,

Marlene Chertok in St Louis