Project Description

Laughter Yoga – A Way Out Of Depression

Marina Ma Laughter Yoga - A Way Out Of Depression

I do not feel sick when I have piles of work. But I panic when more and more clients come to me and tell me about their suicidal ideations. I wonder why there are so many depression cases in recent years. There is no doubt that cases with depression are on a rise, and this trend not only affects people in Hong Kong but also people all over the world. In my experience, I find it hard to facilitate clients to think positively, especially in time of adversity.

I understand that prevention is far more important than remedy. Therefore, I want to find ways to empower clients in a preventive level, such as instilling positive psychology or elements of cognitive behavior therapy to help them resist life challenges.

I attended a session of Laughter Yoga by chance in April this year. I found that it is suitable for clients because it is easy to learn such as breathing or clapping exercises. I, therefore, decided to join Laughter Yoga teachers’ training so that I can use it as a means to help my clients both physically and psychologically. I believe Laughter Yoga can be a way out, to help people build up resilience and can face the life challenge easier.