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Laughter Yoga Enriched My Life

Marianne Bishop Laughter Yoga Enriched My Life The eyes are the windows to the soul…… this saying from my childhood went through my mind as I was gazing into the beautiful eyes of strangers and then giving them a hug and laughing…… laughing for no reason.

I did not even know the 30 people at this day retreat. I was invited as a Pranic Healer but was also encouraged to enjoy activities on offer and get inspired by different speakers. The very first person, the laughter lady already achieved this…. I was inspired. Laughter yoga was something new to me but it was so wonderful how just after a few minutes everyone in that room felt connected and laughed with and at each other.

We were told that this is also very beneficial for or health and wellbeing. I certainly wanted to know more about it but as I was working weekends I could not join the local Laughter Club for some time.

When my work commitments changed I started to go regularly to the Laughter Yoga and sometimes I was able to take clients along. I noticed changes in me and with them. Due to short term memory loss they often forgot that they just had eaten but they always could recall ho ho ha ha ha. Hours after a LY session

I noticed the tight fist of a person starting to unfold and make attempts to clap when I talked to her about the Laughter exercises we did that morning. I was so touched by this.

When a Laughter Yoga leader training was advertised I enrolled to learn more about the Doctor from India who started out laughing in a park in Mumbai with just 5 people and whose commitment to bring world peace with laughter is such a simple and effective concept. Our Laughter club meets regularly in a park and I enjoy being outdoors to do the exercises and breathing. Afterwards I always feel fresh and recharged. It also creates wonderful friendships and I love that it is about who we are and not what we are.

A few weeks ago I came back from Adelaide with the Laughter Yoga teacher’s certificate. This means a lot to me as I had the training with the very best. Dr Kataria inspired us throughout the week and guided us to become the best possible ambassadors for Laughter Yoga.

Not only did I spend an awesome and amazing week there but I came away so rich in experience and knowledge. I have tools that are free of charge to change my mood within minutes and I am fully committed to myself and the people around me to enrich every day with laughter and to spread Laughter Yoga so that everybody can experience the joy and happiness that it brings.

An Interesting Story

I would like to share this story with you My friend Margaret is 91 years old and 2 weeks ago we buried her husband of over 60 years. She has always been strong and a good mentor to others but I wondered how she would cope without the daily visits to the nursing home to visit her best friend. She is nearly blind and is also recovering from a broken pelvis which she sustained in a fall in June.

Margaret has been a Yoga Teacher for over 50 years and three days after her husbands funeral I spoke to her on the phone. She sounded quite well and said that she intends to continue with the visits to the nursing home to see people she got to know well and to take up her yoga classes at the retirement village where she lives. I then told her that I had become a Laughter Yoga teacher and asked her if she had heard about it. She said yes… but thought that it all sounded a bit fake . I agreed with her and explained about ‘fake it till you make it.

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5 Benefits later, Margaret was very excited and I suggested to her that I could teach her to incorporate LY into her classes. She ended the phone call by saying that she now can see a future for herself and that the next few years of her life would be filled with purpose. This conversation not only inspired Margaret but it got me very excited too. I read the notes about LY with seniors and watched all the DVD’s.

Yesterday I visited Margaret and guided her through exercises that she can do. We found that many of them she already knew was already incorporating in her teachings, just without the laughter. Her face became again animated and lively doing the LY and thinking about how she can bring added joy to her classes.

I left her sitting on a chair in front of her cd player listening to Dr K’s Breath-Connect Meditation with a happy expression on her face.