Project Description

Laughter Yoga Enhanced My Self Esteem

Early years of life were marked by some painful events because I lost my parents and my relationship with my elderly sister was not very great. I felt depressed and was not interested in my future anymore. I lost all faith in life because of some negative job experiences and rampant corruption in the world.

All this grief and unhappiness led me to practice meditation and follow a personal growth program. While trying to find answers to my problems, I came across Laughter Yoga, which changed my life and gave me a reason to live life joyfully. Now, I am not sad anymore. I have forgotten the painful memories about the Alzheimer’s disease which affected my mother and even the relationship with my sister improved.

I do not feel the inexplicable nothingness which I used to feel when I was younger, because Laughter Yoga has filled up my life with inner joy and happiness, which has made me more enthusiastic about life.  It has helped me overcome my shyness and inhibition and so I have more friends today. It has enhanced my self-esteem and given me the confidence to face any challenge in life.