Project Description

Daily Laughter – ‘To Do or Not To Do’

Liz Doyle: Having been committed to my daily sessions of Laughter Yoga for the past year, I became convinced that my contentment, positivity and generally laid-back approach to life was so engrained into my psyche that nothing could alter this state. I was also pleased with my state of health in that I have been cold-free over the past year. Through sheer curiosity, I decided to venture on an experiment to see the effects of removing my daily Laughter Yoga routine

Well, by day two I seemed to feel quite heavy in myself in that my energy levels had dissipated somewhat. My motivation had diminished and I found myself procrastinating, putting off what I could have done that day to another day. I was aware of feeling less optimistic and more irritable on day 4, I was also aware of feeling sniffly. What was more alarming for me was to find myself stumbling over words in my attempt to find the right word to use in normal everyday conversation – an issue I had, in the recent past. By day 5, I was really missing my Laughter Yoga sessions. Day 6 came and I was back onto the sessions.

Though this ‘experiment’ was not scientifically conducted, what I learnt is that the immediately available benefits from Laughter Yoga done daily, keeps our bodies close to total balance. Well at least Laughter Yoga does so in my case. I have therefore concluded that Laughter Yoga needs to be part of our daily routine and I readily continue to embrace this habit!