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Laughter Yoga Gave My Life A New Meaning

Laura Toffolo Laughter Yoga Gave My Life A New Meaning

After playing the role of a wife, mother and a professional for years, I felt a deep need to give a different meaning to my life. I practiced Kundalini Yoga and attended various comic therapy workshops. But, my life really changed when I learnt about Laughter Yoga seven years ago. I realized it was just the perfect tool for me as I loved to play and be joyful. I got the opportunity to attend Dr. Madan Kataria’s first Laughter Yoga workshop in Rome in 2003, and directly experience the great power of this amazing technique. Most important, I had the honour to stay with him and his wife, Madhuri for few days and he showed me his way of life and how to practice Laughter Yoga daily.

Being a graduate in Statistics and Actuarial Sciences, I worked for various IT firms, Environment Hygene etc. mostly with projects involving recycling of waste and other materials. There was a lot of workplace stress and I felt my job did not fulfil my inner needs. I looked for ways to remove the stress and bring about a change in my life.

I quit my job and started practicing Laughter Yoga on a regular basis. I realized that the more I practiced it; the more joy I could give both to myself and to others. It provided me with inner peace and I could live in harmony with my surroundings. I also started getting unexpected rewards, such as public acknowledgements by media, new proposals to use Laughter Yoga and so on.

Laughter Yoga helped me to face and get rid of depression. It enhanced my self-esteem and I felt much lighter and became less of a perfectionist. It also helped me to cope with my difficult years of menopause, and I decided to use this experience to help other women with specific problems related to menopause. As a Certified Laughter Yoga professional I have conducted many laughter sessions and seminars in companies like Oracle,Ferrari etc to help reduce work stress and improve communication.

I thank Dr. Kataria for spreading this extraordinary idea worldwide and helping thousands to bring about a change in their lives.

Laura Toffolo, Teacher and Ambassador of Dr. Kataria Laughter Yoga School.