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    Laura Message from Laughing LauraPeople call me Laughing Laura. Laughter yoga is a simple form of exercise and yet it is a powerful technique that has tremendous power to increase health of mind, body and spirit. Laughter yoga also creates union—both union within and without—enabling participants to experience greater harmony. Therefore, my conclusion is that Laughter yoga is actually a potent movement for peace under the guise of a silly little exercise craze.

    Laughter yoga has changed my life! I am more happy, healthy, hopeful and resistant to stress. My immune system has been noticeably stronger. I laugh more easily throughout the day. My base level of joy keeps rising steadily and I bounce back quicker from life’s hard knocks. Best of all, I have felt laughter nurturing my sense of compassion. I am increasingly able to perceive all others as my sisters and brothers, regardless of our differences.

    For all this, I am infinitely grateful. And I have an evangelical zeal for laughter yoga! That’s why I became a certified teacher of this method. I am truly delighted to be able to share this fascinating and fun healing modality with everyone who comes my way..

    I suggest that everyone should laugh no matter what happens in your life. Laugh sometimes for the heck of it or health of it. You don’t have to start out in a good mood, but laugh and you’ll get there. Don’t try to “talk yourself into” being happy. Laugh, laugh, laugh and the happiness will naturally arrive in your heart. Make laughter a ritual in your life that is every bit as important as brushing your teeth.