Project Description

Laughter Yoga Helped Me Cope With Depression And Anxiety:

Mike ForesterMike Forester, CLYL, Canada: I am a certified Laughter Yoga leader and work as a recreation therapist that includes working with seniors while running a senior’s outreach program in Hamilton, Ontario. I am also an advocate of mental health with a new found passion for Laughter Yoga.

Laughter Yoga has not only changed my professional life but has had a huge impact on my personal life. I lived with anxiety and depression for many years, with it going undiagnosed. For the last two years, I have experienced no symptoms of my mental illness and I believe that Laughter Yoga is the reason, therefore inspiring me to pass along this beautiful gift.

I got the opportunity to take the Laughter Yoga leader training through my employer in October 2016 and immediately started conducting laughter sessions with my seniors. Currently, I run five Laughter Clubs through my employer including a monthly session with our Tai Chi seniors and a bi-weekly session with a Punjabi Women’s Group. In addition, I run a weekly Laughter Club in two city housing complexes. Since September 29, 2017 I have also been running the Laughing Off Life Laughter Club on Friday evenings.

I offer Laughter Yoga sessions for companies and corporations, seniors with mental health issues, Alzheimer’s and responsive behaviours, students, retirement homes and long term care facilities, intergenerational programming with seniors and toddlers and one on one sessions with clients.

For any queries contact 289-260-9066 or email