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Using Laughter To Stop Bad Feelings In The Mind

 Koichi, Japan Using Laughter To Stop Bad Feelings In The Mind

There is an inherent link between the body and mind. Whatever happens to the mind happens to the body. The opposite is also true; whatever happens to the body happens to the mind. This establishes a two-way link between body and mind. If one changes the quality of thoughts, one can feel a change in body behavior. Conversely, if one can bring a change in body behavior one can experience the change in mental state. Laughter Yoga has the ability to synchronize both body and the mind, maintaining a mutual harmony.

Read how Kochi from Japan learnt to use laughter while dealing with stressful situations in daily life:

I have discovered a great way of keeping happy when in dire situations. I use fake laughter as motion creates emotion. I first pretend to be a happy person, which eventually makes me feel happy also in the mind. This practice helps me escape from getting bad thoughts. I do not allow my mind the space and time to feel bad.

Laughter Yoga exercises is an easy and good tool in my life, which provides happiness in the mind even without having to change any situation. For instance, many times I have taken empty bottles to a recycle center, but have been too late to get in. The person- in –charge was mad, but that did not upset me; I just laughed it off.. ha ha ha.