Project Description

My Experience of World Laughter Day in Taiwan


As an international laughing buddy from Hong Kong, I was privileged to join the Taiwan laughing buddies for their WLD celebration on 3rd May 2015, which was held in an amazing environment. There was no media coverage, grand venue, professional stage design, gorgeous props and gimmicks which one normally expects for a ‘great’ event, yet what I experienced on World Laughter Day at Kaoshsiung 2015 is ‘Less is more, and simple is beautiful’. In fact Dr. Kataria sets his good example on this.

The only ‘decoration’ in the venue was yellow flags representing different laughing clubs from all over Taiwan. This was eco-friendly, handy, simple, eye-catching and wonderful! What is more, each flag has its significance, for it reflected a bundle of life-changing achievements resulting from Laughter Yoga movement in Taiwan.

There was no formal, elevated stage for the performers/speakers. In this laughing party, all participants were intimate laughing buddies closely linked at heart instead of ‘performers’ and ‘audience’. They came to share their touching life-changing testimonies, songs and dances with other laughing family members. Instead of aiming for a perfect ‘performance’, every participant was sharing their heartfelt joy genuinely and sincerely.

Thanks to the magic of laughing, all buddies were radiating the inner spirit of Laughter Yoga, the genuineness, and the joy of living almost spontaneously. I was glad for being with them as a laughing family in this ‘great’ event!